Support on all types of fundraising (love money, business angels, Seed Series, A Series).

Support for all stages of the fundraising (legal audit, negotiations between entrepreneurs/investors, writing of the investment documentation, closing organisation, etc.).

Negotiation strategy’s and financial conditions’ operation conception.

Drafting and negotiation of legal documentation (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, shareholders agreements, liability guarantees, etc).

Setting up of governing / governance bodies (strategic committees, advisory board).

Support at all stages of the strategic operation for the company’s development:

  • initial or intermediate funding: BSA AIR, bond loan

  • external growth: business goodwill acquisitions mergers and acquisitions

  • sale of a company

Drafting and supporting for negotiations of the legal documentation (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, shareholders agreements, liability guarantees, etc.).

Establishment of safeties (bank guarantees, escrow agreements, collaterals) to support a financing.

  • setting-up a company’s creation (SARL, SAS, etc.)

  • approval of annual accounts

  • changes to the articles of association (transfer of registered office, modification of the corporate scope, governance, company name, conversion of the legal form)

  • capital operations (capital increase, capital decrease, etc.)

  • closure of a company (dissolution, liquidation, suspension, filing for bankruptcy, etc.)

  • shareholders’ loans

Support for negotiations for the implementation, in France and abroad, of incentive instruments of the management, employees, strategic partners or mentors (BSPCE, BSA, etc.).

Drafting of legal documentation for the issuance and allocation of incentive instruments (BSPCE, BSA, etc.).

Analysis of legal, fiscal and social constraints of the management packages.

General terms and conditions of online sales, general terms and conditions of use and legal notices for websites

Contractual documentation of websites relating to personal data (personal data policy, cookies policy)

Drafting and negotiations of contracts:

  • IT contracts (maintenance, outsourcing, specific developments, SAAS, integration, particularly agile mode)

  • Contracts for the creation, development and transfer of websites

Drafting and filing of rules for competition games

Elaboration of protection strategies

  • Prior art searches in countries of interest (if need be, with local correspondants) and analyses of prior art searches

  • Trademark registrations in France (INPI), at European level (EUIPO) and international level (WIPO)

  • Reservation of domain names in extensions of interest

  • Portfolios’ monitoring

  • Portfolios’ audit

  • Administrative management: follow-up on deadlines, renewals, answers to offices’ formal notifications

  • Drafting and negotiations of transfer and operating contracts, coexistence agreements, co-ownership agreements

  • GDPR and data protection legislation compliance audits

  • Implementing compliance with the GDPR and with data protection legislation

  • Compliance monitoring: updating of processing registers, implementation of personal data management procedures

  • Contracts between the data controller and the processor, various commercial contracts containing provisions relating to personal data, cession of personal data files

  • Support in the context of CNIL’s controls and procedures.

  • Awareness and trainings (students and companies) to the GDPR and data protection legislation

  • Contracts for the transfer of rights and exploitation contracts for all types of content, in particular:

  • Publishing (written and digital) and audiovisual adaptation contracts

  • Audiovisual and cinematographic contracts (audiovisual production, writing, development, director, option)

  • Advertising contracts: for the purchase of advertising space, production of advertising films, with influencers

  • Probationary deposits (Soleau envelope, SACD, etc.). Rights of reply in matters of press, rights to privacy and image rights

  • E-commerce – digital: removal of illegal content, liability for this content, online platforms (hosting providers), software infringement

  • Trademark – Drawings and models – Domain names: trademark opposition, invalidity actions, revocation actions, recovery of domain names (UDRP and Syreli procedures), infringement seizures, infringement actions, customs detentions and seizures

  • Copyright – neighboring rights – medias: counterfeit seizures, infringement actions, customs detentions and seizures, unfair competition and parasitism, actions relating to rights to privacy and image rights

  • Alternative and amicable dispute resolution procedures: mediation, conciliation (if the underlying litigation procedure may lead to cessation of payments)

  • Commercial: contract performance, disputes between shareholders with or without an shareholders’ agreement, unfair competition and/or economic parasitism, warranties agreement

Civil: consumer law, disputes between shareholders of a civil non-trading companies with or without a shareholders’ agreement, disputes between legal entities governed by civil law (regulated professions, associations, civil non-trading companies)

  • Drafting and supporting for the negotiation of all types of commercial contracts:

– general terms and conditions of sales and/or use

– service contracts (business provider contract, influencer contract, etc.)

– sales representation contracts (sales agent, distributor)

– non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

– aeronautical contracts

  • Drafting and supporting for the negotiation of tailor-made contracts meeting specific needs

  • Partnership with a French and international lawyers’ network in various domains:

– employment law

– tax law

– insolvency law

– business criminal law

– real estate law

  • Partnership with a business professionals’ network:

– Fundraisers/investment banks

– Statutory auditors

– Accountants

– Industrial property advisors

– Notaries

– Debt collection firms

– Outsources CFOs

Offices in Paris
and Marseille

Intervention throughout France
and abroard